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Indian market, sensex, and money exchange rate


Sourav Sharma

As the second fastest developing economy in the world, India does hold a significant position in the world map when it comes to international trading. The Indian market offers a wealth of opportunities to both regional and foreign investors. With foreign fund inflows increasing, the sensex had almost crossed the 21,000 mark. That was not many months post recession. And it is the Indian market that recuperated fast compared to the other markets. But like any other world market the Indian market is subject to fluctuations. Volatility has led to the downtrend and today sensex is swinging in the pendulum between the 17,000 and 18,500 mark. In fact, now there is more selling rather than buying by foreign investors that is being witnessed. What a group of strategists and fund managers have predicted about the sensex reaching the 15000 mark by the end of the year may seem true if the same volatility of the Indian market is witnessed. Today sensex is hovering below the 18,000 mark; tomorrow it may go further down or up. In the morning (20th June) trade itself today sensex dropped by 384 points on sustained selling by foreign and retail investors. The losses are extended for the fourth straight session amid mixed global cues and the aforesaid reason, i.e. selling. Due to continuing sovereign debt crisis in Europe and weak economic data from the U.S., IT stocks in today s sensex are in fresh losses followed by other segments. Cautiousness is the buzzword in such a scenario. The more updated you are about the Indian market, sensex, nifty, etc. and more you are research-oriented, maximum will be your returns even in a volatile market.

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Involved in currency trading or want to find out the money exchange rate? So, which are the top ten currencies in terms of value at present? Well, these are American Dollar, Australian Dollar, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, Euro, Indian Rupee, Mexican Peso, Singapore Dollar, South African Rand, Thai Baht. Using a currency calculator, you can find out the money exchange rate. Whether it is for currency trading purpose or just for mere traveling or international trading, you can use a currency converter online. A one-stop platform where you can also read detailed news on currencies, changing values, market trends besides finding out the currency exchange rate is a news portal. At the same platform, you can read news on the international and Indian market as well.

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Indian Market, Sense

Indian market, sensex, and money exchange rate by ...

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