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Submitted by: Dr Tyng Tan

As sunny season comes along soaking up the summer heat is one thing that you cannot avoid. Whether you are sunbathing, playing beach volleyball or simply spending extra hours outdoors, you expose your skin to more sun around this time. But you eventually lose that summer glow once autumn sneaks around the corner. To help you revive that dull and dry complexion here are skin rejuvenation tips so you can maintain that glow even in the cold season.

Rehydrate your skin. All those hours spent outside basking in the sun not only give you a tan, but it can also dehydrate your skin cells. This eventually leaves your skin dry and rough. To regain that suppleness and moisture, use a quality moisturizer which you can use during the day and night. When you do not revive the moisture inside your cells you worsen the problem as the skin becomes exposed to cool temperature during the succeeding seasons. Drinking water can also help your skin become dewy, soft and moisturized.

Exfoliate. After summer has come and gone the chances of your dead skin cells piling up is much higher. And this is the main why you end up with an uneven complexion and dry skin. So to reveal that beautiful skin concealed underneath, you can use facial scrubs with micro-beads and masks. Continued use will erase that sun-damaged skin revealing a youthful, refreshed, and smoother one.

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Choose the right soap. All those heat that your skin was exposed to and soaked up will leave it dry, and to protect it from drying further use a hydrating glycerine soap. Most soaps can be rather harsh on the skin which aggravates the dryness. Also remember to avoid hot showers because this also attracts water out of your skin, a warm bath and a facial rinse with cool water afterwards can help to seal in more moisture.

Eat healthy. Skin products are not the only solution to reviving your skin after the summer heat. Having a diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables will nourish your system by providing it with vitamins and minerals that will get rid of the harmful and drying toxins in the body. A healthy system inside contributed by a healthy diet will eventually reflect on your skin.

Chemical peels. One effective way for you to effectively and thoroughly remove those dead skin cells are a good chemical peel. If you have not had this done before, I strongly suggest that you go to a dermatologist. This treatment deals with chemicals, which if not handled right can be disastrous to your skin. Chemical peels can make your skin smoother, younger and clearer in complexion.

Microdermabrasion. This treatment has a similar effect as that with chemical peels. A dermatologist will use a special instrument on which the end has small particles, which acts like a sandpaper to smoothen out the skin. It removes the dead skin cell layers, lightens sun spots and freckles, and it even reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation. This treatment can creates uniformed complexion after your skin has been continually exposed to the summer heat. Within 3-5 sessions laser skin rejuvenation can give you a smoother and clearer skin giving you that renewed radiance in exchange for that summer glow.

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